Head of User Experience

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What's it about?

amaysim has transformed from an award-winning, listed telco to a multi-vertical provider; offering our customers Mobile and Energy services.  We have over a million happy customers who consistently rank us as their favourite telco and Energy provider. 


We're looking for a new member of our Technology Leadership Team to help champion and build-upon the amazing User Experience we already take huge pride in at amaysim.


Delivering a superb and well thought-out user and customer experience has been a key part of the amaysim philosophy from day one. The customer is at the heart of all that we do and a key part of this role will be to champion delivering the best possible user experience across our technology touch-points. As a senior role, this position has two key aspects: firstly you will naturally be leading and championing the established User Experience practice at amaysim and you will be responsible for strategy and growth in this space (as well as hiring, performance reviews, team career progression and all the other usual responsibilities that come with a key management role).


Secondly, as a member of the Technology Leadership Team you will also have a key voice in the running of the CTO group. You will be expected to contribute towards and lead group-wide strategic decision-making, as well as being part of regular discussions with amaysim's executive team. 

Job Responsibilities

Who are we looking for?

  • You! No seriously, if you think you have some or all of the below skills or experience then we should really chat:
  • Naturally, you’re an experienced User Experience professional who is as comfortable contributing to boardroom discussions as running user testing sessions
  • You have experience leading a team who support a user-centred design process to provide innovative solutions to business and customer challenges
  • You have experience developing, setting and championing a UX strategy
  • You've led the design of end-to-end customer experiences across different platforms and channels (both online and offline)
  • You have experience planning and conducting ethical and unbiased user research to discover problems, define solutions and validate concepts and prototypes with customers
  • You have demonstrable experience of creating user-centered designs based on business and functional requirements, user research, market analysis, customer feedback, and usability findings
  • Plenty of experience developing conceptual diagrams, wireframes, visual mockups, usage scenarios, navigation maps, and prototypes
  • You have extensive experience working as a senior UX'er on medium to large scale projects across multiple delivery teams and various stakeholder groups
  • You have experience driving continuous iterative improvement using quantitative methods like AB or multivariate testing, as well as qualitative measures of experience
  • Experience building evidence-based personas and documenting detailed customer journey maps 
  • You're a strong believer in measurement and continuous improvement. You have an iterative approach to solving problems and managing feedback. 
  • You are able to tread the fine line between evangelism and pragmatism which enables you and your team to consistently deliver a fantastic experience back to our end users.


Above all else, you're a leader and a champion of user experience. You thrive on leading and managing teams of great people and see a core part of your role as helping to grow and enable your team to become even more accomplished in their roles. 


So, if working in empowered product teams, delivering high quality and innovative solutions to interesting problems, surrounded by like-minded people within an amazing workplace culture is what you're seeking then look no further. As a company, we value our core principles of reliability, simplicity, agility and empathy above all else, and unlike some, we genuinely live and breathe these values.

What's in it for you?

You'll get the chance to work in an environment that has an enormous appetite for change; a place that truly values and fosters the innovation you can bring to the teams you work with. We try to be as lean as we can, avoiding red-tape, bureaucracy and waterfall wherever possible. We do our best to maintain the 'startup' look and feel, but without the constraints and overheads normally associated with less well-established organisations.

We're small enough that your voice will be heard loud and clear and your (awesome) ideas and innovations will be championed and rapidly adopted. And we're large enough that we can execute on these ideas at scale and your work will be used by hundreds of thousands of (happy) customers.


But wait, there's more. As well as being an awesome place to innovate, drive change and make a difference, amaysim also tries to be a place that keeps you excited to come in on a Monday morning through all kinds of fun extras, including:

  • an amaysim phone plan (what else??) and a generous subsidy towards a new phone/tablet to use it on
  • an extra day of leave on your birthday
  • paid parental leave
  • covering the costs of your attendance to any and all meetup groups (taxis and time-in-lieu)
  • join the entire company on 'Culture days' (normally at a harbour-side location - Luna Park most recently), to discuss and shape how the company is run
  • a thriving social life, with events happening most months  
  • Free F45 training, yoga & lunchtime sports and many, many others...



Competitive & Negotiable.


who we are

We used to be a telco, but we’re now so much more.

If working in empowered teams, delivering amazing experiences, and being surrounded by like-minded people in an inspiring culture is what you're craving, then look no further. #buzzwordbingo

We value our four principles of reliability, simplicity, agility and empathy above all else.

We believe it’s how we live these values that set us apart and inspires us to make amazing experiences for our customers every day.

it doesn’t matter if you’re a customer on our award-winning mobile plans or have switched to our hassle-free home internet or energy plans, we believe every Aussie deserves a fair deal and a great customer experience.  Simple.